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Noonan announces 400 jobs are 'on the way'

FINANCE Minister Michael Noonan has announced 400 new jobs, but has failed to mention in which company or even industry they would be.

Mr Noonan said the new positions in his constituency of Limerick were in the "final stages of negotiations".

He announced the jobs at the Limerick Chamber Region Business Awards, but said he could not elaborate any further.

"I can tell you it is true and it is at the final stages of negotiation and it will be a big boost for Limerick," Mr Noonan said.

The jobs will not be located in the financial services industry – a sector where Limerick has benefited in recent months.

"No, it is actually in a different sector. We (Limerick) have a lot more strings to our bow," Mr Noonan said.

When contacted about the 400 new jobs, the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) did not make any comment.

On top of the jobs boost, Mr Noonan said he would be lobbying the IDA to attract more financial services industries to Limerick.

"That is now true – there is a significant mass (of financial services companies) here."

"I will say, Barry (O'Leary, IDA chief executive), every time you get a financial service industry looking at Dublin as a base, show them Limerick as an alternative because on a competitive basis we'll beat them.

"On the availability of bright young people out of UL and LIT, we will beat them. And on lifestyle, we will beat them also," Mr Noonan said.

Limerick Chamber of Commerce president Gordon Kearney said the 400 new jobs were fantastic for Limerick.

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