Wednesday 22 January 2020

Non-payment of charge will see amount owed spiral due to increasing fees

Kevin Keane

HOMEOWNERS who failed to pay the €100 household charge before the now passed deadline face a series of increasing penalties which could almost double the original amount.

Local authorities have been briefed by the Department of the Environment to use all the measures open to them, including prosecution through the courts, to chase down those who missed Saturday's deadline.

From yesterday, people who didn't pay the €100 charge became liable for a €10 late payment fee. Interest of 1pc per month is also now due meaning someone who wishes to pay this week will have to pay €111.

On October 1, the late payment fee will increase to 20pc of the outstanding amount, which by that stage would mean handing over €140.

Twelve months after the due date the late payment fee increases to 30pc of the outstanding amount.

The legislation authorising the charge also provides that any unpaid amounts will be attached to the homeowner's property.

A spokesperson for the Department of the Environment warned that not everyone will be given a warning before additional fees become payable.

"It's a self-assessment tax so there's no invoice, you won't necessarily get a reminder."

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