Monday 19 March 2018

'Nobody wants to spend Christmas in a cast' - Warnings issued over new school craze the 'Backpack challenge'

The new craze could create serious injuries Photo: Twitter @PhillipM07
The new craze could create serious injuries Photo: Twitter @PhillipM07
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Secondary school students are being warned not to take part in a new online craze called the 'Backpack challenge'.

The Backpack Challenge involves one person running through the middle of a row of people, while they hurl their backpacks at the student.

The challenge is for the student to make it to the end of the row without falling over.

Students shared their videos of the challenge on social media and soon it became the latest craze.

Jane Nally from the The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union said the craze is "worrying".

"We don't think crazes are necessarily bad in schools. There are some social media trends which convey important social messages, and some which lead to donations to charities, such as the ALS ice bucket challenge and trends which are just a bit of fun, like the Mannequin Challenge.

"The ISSU would discourage students from taking part in this particular challenge however. The risk of injury with the backpack challenge is exceptionally high and we like to remind students that school bags are heavy, especially around Christmas exams, so let's not imagine the damage it could do when flung at a student with force. Nobody wants to spend Christmas in a cast afterall. "

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