Friday 19 January 2018

Nobody said a bad word -- even on 'Liveline'

John Boland

THE queen may have won the hearts of the Irish people, but it was property and showbiz entrepreneur Harry Crosbie who won her own royal heart, as we learnt on Pat Kenny's radio show yesterday morning.

The way Harry told it to Pat, he had met the queen at the Convention Centre hooley that he'd organised the night before and said to her: "You've captured the hearts of the Irish people" and she said back to him: "What a lovely thing to say, Mr Crosbie."

Not "Harry", mind you -- but that's probably only a matter of time because plainly he already knows her innermost thoughts, being able to tell Pat that: "She was absolutely amazed at the reception she was getting."

Harry, being on intimate terms not just with royalty but with deities too, was also in a position to inform Pat that Bono was "really, really upset he couldn't be there".

But even the absence of U2's frontman didn't stop Harry's royal gig from being "just fantastic", as he was modest enough to say himself. "Wasn't it great?" he asked rhetorically.

But across the airwaves, there were nothing but superlatives for the royal visit in general and the queen in particular.

Indeed, yesterday's 'Liveline' was unique in not having a single whinger or moaner among its callers, everyone being too busy telling Joe Duffy how smitten they'd been, not just by the British monarch, but by our own President too.

Outside Cork's English Market, RTE's Miriam O'Callaghan was echoing these sentiments.

"I think that during the week people just got to really like her," Miriam said, as we watched the queen smiling and chatting to market traders and then opting to go on a little street walkabout over to the crowd who'd been waiting for hours to see her.

And full marks to the Sinn Fein mayor of Cashel, Michael Browne, who chose to shake the queen's hand, rather than adhere to his party's obdurately inimical stance.

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