Saturday 24 March 2018

No probe into Ryan cocaine suppliers

Journalist saw Gerry meet a drug dealer in toilet of city centre pub


AMID a welter of concern about the prevalence of drug abuse in Irish society, gardai are not investigating the question of who supplied cocaine to the late Gerry Ryan.

The latest drugs-related high-profile death highlights the corrosive effect of organised crime across the social divide.

An inquest on Friday heard that Mr Ryan died of arrythmia triggered by his use of cocaine with alcohol. A verdict of death by misadventure was recorded.

While no investigation will now take place, gardai believe that Mr Ryan was supplied with cocaine by a gang controlled by the notorious criminal, 'Fat' Freddie Thompson.

Thompson's gang supplies the bulk of cocaine in the city centre club and pub scene.

A garda source said that Mr Ryan's cocaine supply came from a personal contact operating at second or third hand from the criminals and that Mr Ryan "would have paid over the odds and that may contributed to his debts".

Journalist Joe Jackson says in today's Sunday Independent that not only did he discuss Mr Ryan's drug taking with him, but he was present a number of years ago when Mr Ryan was called to meet a dealer in the toilet of a city centre club. Mr Jackson says that the dealer was a well known supplier of drugs to personalities in the media and music industries.

Gardai justify the decision not to investigate the circumstances surrounding Mr Ryan's death by explaining that there were no signs of the drug in the Leeson Street apartment where his body was found last April.

Garda sources also say considerable time had elapsed before toxicology tests detected traces of cocaine in his system.

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A garda 'scenes of crime' team visited Mr Ryan's apartment after the discovery of his body but they found no evidence of drug-taking or of any crime.

Gardai said pressure on the forensic laboratories meant waits of weeks, if not months, for test results. By the time the results in Ryan's case were available there would have been little point in returning to the scene of the death.

It appears that no attempt was made to discover Mr Ryan's source for the drug and the identity of his supplier remains a mystery to gardai.

A senior garda senior source said it would be highly unlikely that there would be an investigation in the case of a death due to apparent heart failure where it later emerged cocaine was found in a person's system.

Mr Ryan had promised his partner, Melanie Verwoerd, he would not take drugs and she was visibly shocked when the inquest revealed traces of the drug in his system.

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