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No one from RTE checked message with us, says SF

SINN Fein last night claimed no one from RTE approached Martin McGuinness's campaign team during the 'Frontline' presidential debate to check that the infamous "tweetgate" message was accurate, despite five party workers being present in the studio that night.


He said that Sinn Fein was quick to clarify that the bogus tweet had not come from the party, with its own clarifying Twitter message sent at 11.02pm.

The tweet read: "As official campaign twitter for Martin, we need to point out that we have made no comment on the Gallagher FF donation issue #aras11 #rtefl".

Meanwhile, Mr McGuinness has denied that he knew that the infamous tweet announced by Mr Kenny was fake during the debate broadcast.

Last night a spokesman for the Northern deputy first minister said: "Mr McGuinness was not aware of who sent out the tweet or whether Mr Morgan intended to speak to the media," adding: "The programme was going out live and there was no contact between any of the candidates and their campaign teams."

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