Monday 20 January 2020

No Monday blues for €3.9m jackpot-winning syndicate

National Lottery
National Lottery

Brian Byrne

A GROUP of 14 staff at a law firm had been playing the Lotto for more than 20 years but had "never even matched five numbers" before winning a €3.9m jackpot.

The syndicate from Bourke Carrigg and Loftus Solicitors in Ballina, Co Mayo, have won about €279,000 each after taking home a staggering €3,919,939 in last weekend's draw.

While the town had been awash with rumours as to the identity of the lucky ticket holders, it wasn't until they arrived in work yesterday that staff realised that their weekly Lotto-playing routine had finally paid off.

However, three members of staff at the firm weren't so lucky. An employee, who wished to remain anonymous, explained: "There were three people who had pulled out of the syndicate unfortunately. One of them had been pulled out for years and years, but the other two had pulled out in the last year or two. So it's a bit sad for them alright."

A member of staff described the atmosphere in the office as "mental" and admitted there wasn't much work being done.

"It's absolutely mad in the office today, it's mental. It's fantastic, we're in it 20 years plus and we have never even matched five numbers.

"We had heard rumours around the town that it was won in Ballina and that it was a syndicate, but I only found out it was us when I came in to work.

"It's a good amount. We're very happy. And it's very good for the area. It has been won a couple of times around the town, but thankfully it was us this time."

The ticket had been purchased for last Saturday night's draw the previous Thursday. It was bought as part of a €36 multi-draw ticket with Lotto Plus at the local post office.

There was also one winner of the Lotto Plus 1 draw, worth €350,000. The winning ticket was a €4 quick pick, bought in Centra at 9 Lower William Street, Co Limerick, on Saturday.

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