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No horsing about: scan spots players' injuries

THOROUGHBRED GAA players are being treated like horses as they push their physical limits in training.

But the equine-style treatment is for their own good, as thermal imaging technology helps provide an early warning for injuries.

The Donegal squad are using state-of-the-art equine thermography to capture detailed images showing hot or cold spots in the players' bodies.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, a number of the Donegal minor squad underwent the process under the watchful eye of John Dinneen, Ireland's only Equine Thermographer.

"The science of thermography has been around for a while but only recently as a tool for diagnosis of injury in footballers. It allows sports coaches to keep a good eye on the ligaments and muscles of their growing stars while allowing them to more accurately estimate the healing process of injuries," said Mr Dinneen.

"The camera captures where there are damaged tendons, ligaments and even inflamed nerves."

Irish Independent