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No garda raids for illegal spirits along Border as demand for poteen dries up

LAST year was the first in which there wasn't a single pre-Christmas raid launched for illicit spirits along the Border, gardai in the Cavan/Monaghan division have revealed.

In previous years searches were launched in the mountainous Bragan area of north Monaghan -- a traditional base of the north-east moonshine men -- for poteen-making stills. But this Christmas there was "neither any demand for, or trade in poteen" which had previously sold for €10 to €12 per bottle.

"It would appear the traditional illicit poteen-making craft has now died out completely in the north Monaghan countryside," a garda source said.

However, illicit spirits were still being produced for the Christmas market in Connemara, Co Galway, where there had been a local campaign up until five years ago to make "home-produced" poteen legal.

New focus needed for our 'Third Age'

Ireland needs to plan for the 'Third Age' to allow citizens in their 50s and 60s remain active and continue to contribute to society and the economy, according to a leading life planning expert.

Brian Ward of TA Futures said that in today's economic climate, many firms are downsizing, with significant implications for people in mid- to late-career. TA Futures works with individuals who do not want to retire but would rather use the opportunity to address issues and interests they may have placed on the "back burner".

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