Tuesday 21 November 2017

No festive cheer as club forced to move over 'noise pollution'

Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

A CHEERLEADING club which was hit with a court order to rein in its 'joie de vivre' is being forced to move premises as a result.

Ace Cheerleading in Tuam, Co Galway, was brought to court by its neighbours, Pat and Marie Fahy, last October in a case over noise pollution.

As a result, Judge Geoffrey Browne ordered that all noise from the club was to cease, forcing the members to practise their cheers in silence.

The club organisers attempted to soundproof the building in order to remain in the club they loved. However, total silence proved too big a barrier to overcome and they are now seeking new accommodation.

"We just couldn't find a way to stick to the order. It's really upsetting because we love the hall and we've put so much into it to make it a perfect space," said owner of Ace Cheerleading, Fiona Collumb.

Ms Collumb looked into professionally soundproofing the hall, but at a cost of €20,000 it proved too expensive.

The dance teacher has already spent over €20,000 on specialist flooring for the club. But thousands more spent erecting wall mirrors and bars have now been lost, according to Ms Collumb. "I've put at least €5,000 into the building and that is completely wiped out now," she added.

The club will be moving to the nearby school hall until a new premises can be found. But the move will see the club forced to cut back the hours it operates.


"We're going to have to cut back from 25 hours to 10 hours a week. The school hall charges by the hour instead of a weekly rent and it would be much more expensive to cover the existing hours," she said.

Ms Collumb also fears the move may lead to a loss of students.

As a result of the order, the group had cut down on training and has not entered any international competitions. She hopes she can secure a new premises in the new year and get her cheerleaders back on track.

"We always compete internationally. We haven't been able to do that this year," she said.

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