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No early blunders for the Duke of Decorum

SO far, so much good behaviour from the doughty duke.

He might be known for his notorious gaffes but -- regrettably for anyone hoping for one of his quintessential nuggets of indiscretion -- the microphones were positioned much too far away for us to be able to hear him.

We can only wait and hope.

Instead, Prince Philip was a model of decorum on day one yesterday.

Free of the formalities, he had time on his hands and seemed to enjoy himself by forming new friendships.

The prince was in jovial form when he and the queen arrived at the Aras, and he appeared to make fast friends with the president's husband, Martin McAleese. The pair chatted away happily as they strolled down to the tree-planting ceremony.

He seemed to enjoy a chat too with members of the army and was last to get into the royal Range Rover.

At Trinity, he made a beeline for students at the barrier and began chatting animatedly with them.

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