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Nigerian mother faces deportation after appeal rejected

Nigerian asylum seeker Pamela Izevbekhai now faces deportation after the European Court of Human Rights rejected her appeal.

The Sligo-based mother-of-two has been fighting deportation for the past six years because of her fears that her daughters, Naomi (10) and Jemima (9), would be subjected to female genital mutilation if they return to Nigeria.

She had taken her case to the European court, complaining her rights has been been violated.

Ms Izevbekhai's case has been one of the most high-profile and controversial asylum cases. Her deportation was originally ordered in September 2005 but was the subject of several legal challenges, culminating in a decision by the Supreme Court to reject her claims last July.

She had claimed her first-born daughter had died in Nigerian in 1994 as a result of female genital mutilation. However, it was later revealed that her claims were based on forged documents.