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Saturday 16 November 2019

Niamh meets her match in online 'twin stranger' search

Niamh Geaney and Karen Branigan, who are twin strangers
Niamh Geaney and Karen Branigan, who are twin strangers
Niamh with Terence Manzanga and Harry English, who are still searching for their own twin strangers
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

You may think you are looking at identical twins, but Niamh Geaney and Karen Branigan aren't even related.

Niamh found her doppelganger - someone who looks exactly like her - after just two weeks of searching for her 'twin stranger' online.

It came after three friends challenged each other to find their 'twin strangers', anywhere in the world, in just 28 days.

Niamh (26), from Kerry, and her friends Terence Manzanga (22) and Harry English (21), both from Meath, used social media to share their quest.

Within a week, they had hundreds of submissions from all over the globe, including the US, Australia, Israel and India.

But Niamh's 'twin stranger' was a lot closer than expected.

Barmaid Karen Branigan, who lives just north of Dublin, got in touch after she heard an appeal on the radio.

Niamh met her to compare their looks and was amazed at the similarities.

"Karen probably looks more like me than my sisters do.

"I started to get ridiculously nervous wondering how I would react to meeting someone that looks like me. For the entire duration of our encounter, I pretty much stared at her."

Meanwhile, the hunt is still on for Terence and Harry, both still determined to win the bet.

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