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Newsreader Aengus MacGrianna: 'It's high time RTE ends 'crisis mode' on pay cuts


RTE news reader Aengus MacGrianna

RTE news reader Aengus MacGrianna

RTE news reader Aengus MacGrianna

REVERSAL of pay cuts at RTE will be put on the agenda after newsreader Aengus MacGrianna triumphed in a landslide election victory at the national broadcaster.

Mr MacGrianna has promised to campaign for the restoration of pay, following cuts of up to 13pc in 2009, in his new role as a staff representative on RTE's governing body.

However his victory comes as a government report has indicated further cuts may be required at the station.

The Celebrity Masterchef star romped home against his challenger Keith Hyland, a lighting director, as he took 564 of the 676 votes cast by RTE staff.

MacGrianna launched a massive campaign distributing posters across the campus. In his election literature, he said it was time the station exited 'crisis mode' to create a 'healthy, vibrant, happy and creative workforce'.

"Workers at RTÉ led the way in voting for pay cuts, now it's time for RTÉ workers to lead the way again and demand that our cut pay be restored.

"Pay must be part of any recovery/expansion plan for RTE. I promise, that if elected, I will keep driving this message at board level to ensure it becomes a reality for us all," he told voters.

He will now replace Joe Little on the governing body, formerly known as 'the Authority' where there are six other vacancies - all of which will be government-filled.

MacGrianna's pledge comes a day after a government report indicated further cuts at RTE may be needed.

Officials have told Communications Minister Alex White that the station's 'financial position will require a further adjustment to secure RTE's future position'.

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