Tuesday 16 October 2018

Woman charged with assault after Cinderella hunt for high-heeled attacker

The shoe was seized for evidence. Pic PSNI
The shoe was seized for evidence. Pic PSNI

Police have charged a woman with common assault after tracking her down with the shoe she left at the crime scene.

A woman visiting Belfast was attacked out of the blue while enjoying a night out in the city on Saturday night.

Police said she was "savagely attacked by a boot wielding female".

"This attack was unprovoked and left her with heavy swelling," said Constable Gibson of Lisburn Road PSNI.

"Our victim required medical attention, her night totally ruined. The assailant had left this boot at the scene of the assault, Police took the boot, descriptions and went on the hunt."

The officer continued: "Our not so Cinderella suspect was located close by, minus her boot. There was no Prince Charming moment, no awaiting carriage, no castle and no fairytale ending.

"There was however an arrest for AOABH and possession of an offensive weapon, a waiting Police truck and a night in Musgrave Custody. She will have to answer for her actions in interview and ultimately court.

"Remember an offensive weapon doesn't have to be something made as a weapon like a knife, knuckle duster, club etc... If you pick something up and use it to hurt someone within the law it becomes an offensive weapon despite it not being originally intended as such."

The 23-year-old woman is scheduled to appear in court on December 29 and as is usual procedure, all charges will be reviewed by the Public Prosecution Service.

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