Thursday 22 August 2019

While you were sleeping: Stories you missed overnight

Islamic State group's online magazine Dabiq purports to show Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, 48, from Oslo, Norway, left, and Fan Jinghui, 50, from Beijing, China
Islamic State group's online magazine Dabiq purports to show Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, 48, from Oslo, Norway, left, and Fan Jinghui, 50, from Beijing, China

A plane flying from Warsaw to Egyptian resort of Hurghada had to make an emergency landing this morning due to a bomb threat.

The landing came at Bulgaria's Burgas Airport after a bomb threat was made. Officials confirmed the news this morning

In China, the president has condemned the killing of a Chinese hostage by the Islamic State (IS), saying such groups are enemies of mankind.

But although Xi Jinping expressed resolve to crack down on terrorism, there was no indication that China would change its consistent opposition to outside involvement in the conflict in Syria, where IS has captured a broad swathe of territory. Beijing says the Syrians themselves need to arrive at a political solution.

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In Bosnia, a man who murdered two soldiers and wounded three people in what Bosnia's prime minister said was an "attack on the state" blew himself up as police were about to enter his home, authorities have said.

The attacker, armed with an automatic rifle, killed two soldiers in a betting shop then shot at a passing bus. Fragments of the broken glass injured the driver and two passengers.

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A witness who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution said the man walked into the shop, separated the two soldiers from others and shot them. He wore a band around his head with some Arabic letters.

The US remains on a high terror alert after a newly-released Islamic State (IS) video shows images of New York's Times Square. However, police say there is no current or specific threat to the city.

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A New York Police Department spokesman said some of the video footage was old but the video reaffirmed the message that the city remained a top terrorist target.

In the papers, the Irish Independent leads with the developments in Paris with the headline 'Terror suspects hunted down in Paris gun battle'. The story reveals that a discarded mobile phone led police to a flat where a shoot-out occured yesterday morning. Over 5,000 bullets were fired in the siege in Saint-Denis, where investigators are still trying to establish if the mastermind of the Paris attacks is among the dead from the fire-fight.


The Herald also leads with the events in Paris, revealing that a 'second killing spree was foiled yesterday. The flat raided yesterday was allegedly the HQ for a fresh wave of terror attacks which were to target the airport and a major shopping centre within the space of a few hours.

The Irish Daily Mirror believes that the terror mastermind  Abeldhamid Abaaoud was in the flat as they lead with the story under the headline@ Cops 'kill terror mastermind'

The Sun also believes that Abaaoud was in the falt as they lead with trhe headline 'Got Him'.

The Irish Daily Mail says that the State is fighting to extradite Irish terror suspect. The paper says that the Attorney General has appealed the High Court decision not to send Waterford-based Ali Charaf Damache for trial as the FBI has accused him og 'plotting terrorist attacks'.

The Irish Times also leads with the latest developments in the terror attacks, charting the developments of yesterday's siege and shootout in Saint-Denis.

Finally, the Irish Examiner doesn't lead with the Paris attacks, focusing on rural crime in Irelan. In its lead piece, the paper says that farmers have revealed the 'true extent of rural crime' and families have been hit by over 2,500 incidents.

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