Wednesday 13 December 2017

While you were sleeping - all the stories you may have missed overnight

A children's book about George Washington's cook was widely criticised for allegedly sentimentalising slavery
A children's book about George Washington's cook was widely criticised for allegedly sentimentalising slavery

The mystery of the torso found in a suitcase in the Grand Canal over the weekend captures the attention of many of the nationals this morning.

'Dismembered body in canal believed to be man in his 20s' is the line from the Irish Independent this morning. Gardai are currently trawling themissing persons list in the hope of identifying the man whose torso was found.

The Herald, meanwhile, reports that the man may have been 'butchered by a violent gang' as the searches for the man's head and limbs continue today.

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'Hunt for the head' from the Irish Daily Mirror and 'Head and hands chopped off to stop ID' from the Irish Daily Star focus on the nature of the remains - and that the nationality of the man may be Eastern European.

'I'll sue for my 2-year jail hell' is the lead front page story from the Irish Sun as nanny Aisling Brady McCarthy who was accused of shaking a baby to death wants to take legal action against US prosecutors for 'recklessness' in her case.

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Meanwhile, the Irish Daily Mail runs with the line 'Mags would have told me if Jason was a violent man' as the sister of Jason Corbett's first wife has rejected the claims that he used violence against Molly Martens.

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Hillary Clinton, the US Democratic presidential front-runner, used a televised debate on Sunday to accuse her rival, Bernie Sanders, of being inconsistent on regulating Wall Street, weak on gun control and unrealistic in his healthcare plans.

She used some of her strongest language yet in trying to halt Mr Sanders' growing challenge to her status as favourite to win the nomination.

A new children's picture book about George Washington and his slaves is being taken off the shelves amid claims that it sentimentalises a brutal part of American history.

A Birthday Cake For George Washington, released on January 5, has been strongly criticised for its upbeat images and story of the first president of the United States' cook - the slave Hercules - and his daughter Delia.

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A rocket that propelled an ocean-monitoring satellite into space has toppled over while landing on a floating barge after one of its support legs failed to lock.

California company SpaceX said that data now showed that the Falcon 9 rocket's first stage landed softly within 1.3 metres of the centre of the 300 by 170ft landing pad.

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And finally, It is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

It really is up to you whether you exist in a prison on Blue Monday, or you enjoy yourself. If you prefer the latter, here are some suggestions that might make things even better:

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