Thursday 23 May 2019

Where does everyone stand?

Croke Park Streets Committee: The group is now looking at three or four options, including taking an injunction to prevent the three concerts granted by the council from going ahead.

Kieran Mulvey: Mediator says the country's reputation "is in shreds" because of the fiasco.

GAA: Due to release a statement today.

Other local residents: Those supporting the concerts say they bring vital spending and provide jobs for locals and want all five reinstated.

Peter Aiken: Promoter says he consulted Dublin City Council at every stage and was "led to believe" five licenses would be granted

Garth Brooks: Singer has insisted he will do "five gigs or none at all".

Government: Enda Kenny has called for "common sense to prevail" in the ongoing feud but said it was up the various groups to find a compromise.

Dublin City Council: The council has given the green light to three concerts only and says this decision cannot be amended or appealed.

Local businesses: The North Dublin Business and Cultural Community said DCC's decision was "undemocratic", that business will lose out on millions, and that Ireland's international reputation was damaged.

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