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What it says in the papers


These are the five stories that you need to know about this morning.

1. Ireland paid too much for bailout

The Irish Independent's front page reads 'You paid too much for bailout: Chopra' as the paper reports that the former deputy director of the Interbational Monetary Fund told the Banking Inquiry that the EU wouldn't let the country burn bondholders.

2. Peter Robinson steps aside as First Minister

'Governments attempt to rescue Stormont as Robinson steps aside' is the lead story from the Irish Times this morning as British and Irish governments will try to determine if there is any means of rescuing the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly after Peter Robinson stepped aside and withdrew most of his ministers.

3. Bereaved mother slams HSE review of husband's psychiatric care

The Irish Examiner run a report of Una Butler - whose husband killed their two daughters before taking his own life - who has expressed diappointment in the HSE review of her husband's psychiatric care, five years after the tragedy.

4. Ryanair flight abandons landing because of strange object in sky

'Ryanair jet in UFO scare' is the front page story from the Irish Mirror which reports that a plane flying from Dublin to London could not land after the control tower team identified a strange object in the sky.

5. Sex attacker Anthony Lyons to walk free from prison

The Herald leads with 'Too late for Lyon's apology' as aviation broker Anthony Lyons is to walk free from prison - but his then 27-year-old victim's father has said it's too late for an apology.

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