Tuesday 19 June 2018

What it says in the papers

David Glynn who got 9 A1's in his leaving Cert in Castlebar, Co. Mayo
David Glynn who got 9 A1's in his leaving Cert in Castlebar, Co. Mayo
Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

These are the stories that you need to know about this morning.

'Tanaiste to testify in trial of anti-water charge TD' is the lead from the Irish Independent as the paper reports that Joan Burton is to be a key witness when socialist TD Paul Murphy and more than 20 other water protesters face trial.

The Herald also runs with this yarn on the front page - but also features 'Karen's killer 'stalked other women'' as it reports that Alexander Pacteau was investigated by Scottish police amind fears he may have stalked other women. 

Karen's killer can be seen on a number of other nationals this morning as both the Irish Daily Star with 'Alex isn't evil... he's a good kid' and the Irish Daily Mirror with 'Alex Mum devastated by brutal murder' run with lines from the murderer's family.

'Monster planned 'perfect murder'' from the Irish Sun which reports that a former colleague of Pacteau revealed the 21-year-old had fantasised about carrying out the crime. 

On the back of the exam results yesterday, the Irish Times runs with 'Leaving Cert maths points to be reviewed' following concerns that too many students are opting to taking the higer level paper for bonus points.  

Meanwhile, the Irish Daily Mail lead with 'Free education that's costing families €12,000' as the paper reveals the funding required to put students through college.

'Parents pay €453 a month per child in college writes the Irish Examiner on this story, reporting that more students are being forced to live at home due to rising costs.

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