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What it says in the papers


Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer


Graham Dwyer

These are the stories that you need to know about this morning.

The return of the remains of four of the six friends that died in the Berkeley tragedy has found a way on to the front page of many of this morning's papers.

'Longest day' is the succinct headline used by The Herald as the heartbroken families brought the balcony collapse victims on their final journey home.

A report from Nicola Anderson on the Berkeley sorrow also graces the front page of the Irish Independent but a report on penalty point dodgers also features.

'20,000 use loophole to dodge penalty points' reports that up to 350 convicted motorists a week are suing a legal loophole to try to dodge getting penalty points on their driving licence.

The Irish Times runs a piece on the Greece debt crisis with the headline 'Greece puts forward new plan to break deadlock' as eurozone leaders gather tonight in Brussels to hold an emergency summit as Greece's banks teeter on the brink of bankruptcy.

Meanhwile, 'Property tax hike looms as home costs rise' is a front page yarn from the Irish Examiner as first-time buyers are expected to face huge hikes after bills are assessed next year.

The Irish Daily Star runs with a story on convicted killer Graham Dwyer - 'Dwyer: Let me see my girl' - as the paper reports that the murderer of Elaine O'Hara has demanded to see his new girlfriend.

The Irish Daily Mirror and the Irish Sun both dedicate their front page to Berkeley with 'Our angels are home' and 'Home with broken hearts' respectively.

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