Thursday 14 November 2019

What it says in the papers

Missing couple William Maughan and Anna Varslavane, who were last seen 10 days ago
Missing couple William Maughan and Anna Varslavane, who were last seen 10 days ago Newsdesk Newsdesk

Here are the seven stories that you need to know about this morning.

1. Extortionate variable mortgage rates are set to be slashed after AIB caved under pressure and announced that the bank will likely reduyce their rates within two months.

'Cuts to mortgage rates as AIB caves in on variables' writes the Irish Independent as a cut of 0.25pc is now expected as early as June for some 140,000 customers.

2. Meanwhile the Irish Examiner leads with 'Nama debtors to solve housing crisis' as the paper reports that Ireland will need to turn to Nama to tackle the escalating home property problem.

Nama chairman and chief executive Frank Daly and Brendan McDonagh told the latest Oireachtas banking inquiry that just five of the body's 772 clients have repaid all of their combined €74bn debts seven years after the crash.

3. 'Dukes contradicts Noonan's Siteserv account' writes the Irish Times as it reports that former Fine Gael minister for finance Alan Dukes "categorically" denies that former secretary general of the finance department John Moran raised any concerns about the sale of the construction company.

"Contrary to what was stated in answer to a recent Dáil question, the matter was not raised", the paper quotes the chairman of the IBRC, Dukes. 

4. The Irish Daily Mail writes that a judge has come under fire for comments and comparisons he made with the Karen Buckley tragedy when handing down a sentence to a woman over an assault.

Nigel Cadbury has outraged campaigners against violence to women as he apparently warned of the dangers of drunkenness to 'young girls', referring to the killing of the 24-year-old student in Glasgow.

5. 'Our son knew too much' - The Herald quotes the family of missing Dublin man William Maughan on their front page today as having too much information about a gangland murder.

Mr Maughan (34) and his 21-year-old girlfriend Anna Varslavane disappeared nine days ago and William's father suspectes that they were targeted by a notorious gang.

6. The youngest organ donor in the world, 100 minutes old Teddy Houlston, features on the front page of the Irish Daily Mirror.

Parents Jess Evans and Mike Houlston knew that their baby boy could never survive so they decided to explore the chances that Teddy could becomes an organ donor.

7. 'Talk to Joe' is the headline that the Irish Daily Star use to top the story that wife killer Joe O'Reilly is now a counsellor for fellow prisoners.

Inmates at Arbour Hill Prison are being instructed to chat with Joe after he completed intensive training behind bars with The Samaritans.

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