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What it says in the papers


International Women's Day (IWD) featured as the front page picture slot in many of the nationals this mornign as President Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina hosted an event attended by 100 sportswomen.

1. CAO students bank on boomtime careers

This year's CAO applications reveal a bounce for courses in business, construction, engineering and technology, writes the Irish Independent.

Traditional professions such as law and architecture are also in high demand as a record number of applicants compete for sought-after college spots.

2. More than 600 granted asylum have no homes

The State's housing crisis means that over 600 successful asylum seekers are unable to leave direct provision accommodation, reports the Irish Times.

According to figures received by the paper from the Department of Justice, affected individuals and families are being allowed to stay on in this accommodation on "humanitarian grounds".

3. Families face 7pc tax hike under Sinn Fein, says Burton

A Labour-Sinn Fein showdown is looming after Tanaiste Joan Burton claimed average families face a 7pc income tax hike if they vote for the opposition party, writes the Irish Examiner.

Speaking at an IWD event at the Merrion hotel, Ms Burton said that, despite Sinn Fein's claims that the new taxes will only target people earning over €100,000 a year, couples earning half that will also be affected.

4. Man (24) critical after bar attack in Liverpool

A 24-year-old Irish man is fighting for his life after being beaten up outside a nightclub in Liverpool, The Herald leads with this morning.

The clubber, who is believed to be from Cork, was found in an alleyway near the popular Walkabout bar and Level nightclub with serious head injuries in the early hours of Saturday.

5. Real IRA chief Michael McEvitt has cancer

An exclusive from the Irish Daily Star reveals that Michael McKevitt, one of the four men held legally responsible for the Omagh bombing that killed 29 people, has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The founder of the real IRA is serving a 20 year sentence for directing terrorism.

6. Grandmother terrified after beating on way home from Mass

A frail gran has told of her terror after she was battered on her way home from Mass, writes the Irish Sun.

Jenny Lynch, 72, was attacked by three men in Ballyfermot on Saturday evening.

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