Thursday 14 December 2017

Wet weather on the way – but will we be struck by curse of St Swithin?

Brian Byrne

DON'T be fooled by any early-morning sunshine as showers will move across the country before the end of St Swithin's Day.

Legend has it that if it rains on July 15 then we're in for 40 consecutive days of miserable conditions. The legend claims the Saxon Bishop of Winchester demanded on being buried outdoors, where he was exposed to the elements.

Years later, when monks tried to relocate his remains to an indoor shrine, there was torrential rain for 40 days and nights, as the deceased bishop wept in protest.

There will be plenty of tears to go around this week as tonight's rain begins as it means to go on, with poor conditions continuing into tomorrow, particularly in the south-west and west. However, while the east will enjoy a dry spell, mild conditions and high humidity could bring about thundery rain on Thursday.

A Met Eireann spokeswoman said: "The main feature later in the week will be very mild, humid, warm conditions at times, some rain, and it looks like we could see thundery rain moving up from the south, later on Thursday or Thursday night."

The unsettled weather will continue into the weekend, with some warm periods, but there will be risks of heavy rain in places. She predicted the unsettled conditions would continue – but denied the legend will hold true.

"We could have mixed conditions in the weeks ahead, but we probably won't have rain every single day," she said.

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