Thursday 24 October 2019

'We're grasping at straws' - Father of missing young man Stephen Cullinan

Stephen Cullinan
Stephen Cullinan

Mary McDonnell

The family of a young Tipperary man who went missing two weeks ago said they are “grasping at straws” trying to find him.

Stephen Cullinan (25), the son of North Tipperary IFA Chair, Tim Cullinan, hasn’t been seen since November 2 when he left his home in Castleroy, County Limerick and made his way to Dublin.

His worried relatives believe he may have made his way to another major Irish city, even as far as Belfast.

The vulnerable young man is without his medication.

His father, Tim Cullinan told “We’re no further on. Anything is possible at this stage. We’ve done a lot of looking around the city with friends and different agencies. There have been no sightings of him.

“We’ve nothing concrete to say he’s up there (in Northern Ireland). It’s just a hunch. If he’s not in Dublin, he’s in another city.

“He’s not in rural Ireland. I don’t believe he’d go back to Limerick or Cork where his brother lives. He could be in Galway. We’re grasping at straws.

“As far as we’re concerned, he’s still out there. We’re going to do whatever it takes. We’re not giving up.

“We know he hasn’t got his medication. He needs his medication. That’s the advice from his doctor. That’s our main concern - that he’s alright.”

Authorities do not believe the young Mr Cullinan, a computer student at the University of Limerick, has left the country.

Mr Cullinan’s last contact with his family was on November 2 when he called his mother Margaret.

A signal detected from his phone indicated he was in St Stephen’s Green when he made the call around 5.30pm. His phone has since been switched off and cannot be traced.

It’s believed he left Castleroy in Limerick for Dublin on a Dublin Coach on November 2 and was seen making his way down O’Connell St and onto Mary St.

Friends of the family are continuing a search in Dublin today and relatives are set to hold a meeting tomorrow to plan out the next phase of their search.

Mr Cullinan’s brother, Brian has appealed for information online and released footage of his last known whereabouts in St Stephen’s Green.

The Irish Farmers’ Association has also launched an appeal for help on social media.

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