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'We need to know where it is all going wrong' - Mother who lost baby at Cavan hospital a year ago today


An investigation is underway at Cavan hospital.

An investigation is underway at Cavan hospital.

An investigation is underway at Cavan hospital.

A mother who lost her baby at Cavan general hospital a year ago today is "heart-broken waking up to the news that it has happened to another family".

'Mary' and her husband 's newborn boy was one of three who died at the hospital between 2012 and 2014.

The hospital has now come under increased scrutiny following the revelation of the death of another newborn baby yesterday.

"We need to know where it is all going wrong," the grieving mother told Newstalk Lunchtime.

"Families are left devastated and heartbroken. No-one can even imagine the pain it leaves behind the devastation."

Mary said she was restricted from speaking about her own situation in too much detail as a legal case is ongoing. 

But she said that it was "mind-boggling" that things still need to be changed "so badly at the HSE".

"I firmly believe that from management down, things need to be rectified," she said.

Acknowledging that every pregnant woman expecting a baby is in a "vulnerable position" anyway, Mary said that "nobody wants to add any extra fear" on them.

"But if you are not happy with something don't be afraid to demand extra answers. If you're not happy with something, insist - and keep asking until you're happy."

Mary said that she found it "harrowing" that she has been waiting for 12 months for answers following the death of her little boy and the management of her care.

"Have these people forgotten that a real little baby died?  And that the Mammy was badly injured and nearly died too. That is the most disgusting thing for any family to have to suffer," she said as she broke down in tears.

"Where is the compassion and care for us and all the other families.  I just hope that the HSE will please stop dragging people through it for years and lessen the undue burden of grief that doesn't need to be there."

Mary called for "highly skilled experts" to go to Cavan "to reskill everyone and look at what's going on"

"We owe it to our little man...we won't give up - it's the last little thing we can do to honour him."

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