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We need safety model similar to UK's


Prof Julia Davidson

Prof Julia Davidson

Prof Julia Davidson

Cyber experts say adopting an internet safety model similar to the UK would help protect our children's mental health while surfing the internet.

Unlike the Irish Government, where the issue falls between a number of different departments, the UK manages operations through a central cross sector hub.

Professor Julia Davidson of the Centre for Abuse and Trauma studies at the School of Law, Middlesex University, said: "In the UK we have a central co-ordinating entity - the UK Council for Child Internet Safety - which provides a very useful forum for information exchange between a range of stakeholders, including industry, police, government, academia and NGOs and guides policy and practice in the UK regarding child safety and welfare online".

Cyber-crime experts, including Professor Mary Aiken, believe this approach would help Ireland "take the lead and not lag behind our European counterparts".

Sunday Independent