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‘We get some strange requests’ – Irish couple plan for family’s future with adult website OnlyFans


Maria Smirnova and Matty Gilbert

Maria Smirnova and Matty Gilbert

Maria Smirnova and Matty Gilbert

A soon-to-be married couple have revealed how having an account on the adult website OnlyFans is bringing them closer together .

Maria Smirnova and Matty Gilbert, both aged 29, joined the subscription service which allows users to sell nude photos and videos via monthly memberships during lockdown to build a business empire.

The decision to set up a joint account came when the Wicklow man went viral on TikTok.

Since then, Matty has amassed 2.2 million followers on the social network.

Sharing pictures and videos to their 20,000 subscribers, the couple, who are due to be married in August and share a one-year-old son, Sebastian, said it is simply business.

Speaking to the Sunday World, Maria said: “We get some strange requests but it really varies, some people have foot fetishes so they want photos of our feet but it could be anything really.

“There are times we are asked to do role play. I was asked to dress up as a maid – filming stuff like that together is very funny.”

The website is famed for its explicit content but the fitness coach said there are lines they won’t cross.

“We definitely have boundaries. A lot of girls do put up full nudes but I don’t.

“There is zero jealousy, neither of us is jealous because we are very comfortable in our relationship and we trust each other 100pc.

“This work isn’t for everyone and you have to have solid relationship, and you need to work as a team because it is not a one-player game.”

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They may be Ireland’s hottest OnlyFans couple but the pair have a plan to quit the app soon.

“This will set us up for life. We have plans to invest and start a business out of this – this is definitely a short-term thing.

“I would love to do a fitness line and we would like to open our own gym too.

“We have a target of how much money we want to hit before we quit and then we want to have our back-up plan set up and ready to move.”

Despite their new stream of income, the proud mum said they are yet to splash the cash.

“We haven’t bought a new house or a new car, we haven’t been irresponsible but we have big plans. We’re not into flashing the cash.”

Speaking of her fiance, who is better known by his online moniker, The Irish Viking, the former nurse said: “In real life Matty is really driven and a very hard worker, he really provides for his family.

“He is brilliant at making decisions and has a great business mind and he is a brilliant dad too. We have so much fun together.”

The couple, who are busily working on a TV project which will be released later this year, understand the intrigue around their lives.

“I get the interest people have in us because we live in Ireland and unfortunately, some people are not very open-minded.

“People are very close-minded and they can judge you quite easily.

“I have never had any negative comments but I am sure I have had plenty behind my back. I think it is part of our culture, society can be a little backwards sometimes.

“People can have the mentality of I wouldn’t do it, so you shouldn’t do it. We aren’t the only Irish couple on OnlyFans.

“I was worried about my identity being out there at first when I was working in the hospital but then things were shared and we were like ‘look we are doing this to better ourselves to step out of being ordinary and we are going to get somewhere in life and we don’t care what people think of us any more’.

“I don’t care what Bob is doing down the road with his money, so why should people care where I earn mine?”

Offering advice to anyone who is hoping to create an account with their partner, Maria warns that you have to be prepared to work.

“The work involves spending a lot of time on my phone. I think my screen time is shocking, it is like 12 hours. I could be talking to fans and putting up content because you have to keep on top of that.

“It is busy work and it is hard work and people think it is glamorous all the time but that just isn’t the case.

“It has brought us closer as a couple, we get to work together now and we obviously spend so much time together, we definitely respect the amount of work the other person puts in.”

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