Tuesday 15 October 2019

WATCH: Video of horse walking through Tesco store in Finglas shows 'no respect' for animals - rescue centre

Rachel Farrell

Rachel Farrell

A video of a horse walking through a Tesco store in Dublin has been criticised by an animal rescue group.

Footage of the incident, which appeared on social media yesterday, shows a man walking the horse through the clothing aisles of the Tesco Clearwater store.

Security guards can be seen following behind them with shoppers stopping to look at the animal.

A Tesco spokesperson told Independent.ie that the horse was removed from the store shortly after the video was filmed.

"We're aware of the incident in our Finglas Clearwater store. We’d like to reassure customers that the animal did not enter any fresh food aisles and was promptly escorted from the store by security," a spokesperson said.

My Lovely Horse Rescue, an Irish animal charity, said the video showed "no respect" for horses.

"Seriously- no respect for our animals. Authorities need to listen to us, we want this behaviour stopped," a spokesperson said.

"This is not right on so many levels but also dangerous."

The video has divided the opinion of social media users, with some expressing concern for the horse and others saying that there is "nothing wrong there".

"This is why I love Finglas," one user wrote.

Another said: " I see a healthy looking animal being led quietly and gently through an indoor public space, the horse is calm and unfazed by its surroundings."

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