Tuesday 21 November 2017

WATCH: ‘They’re brightening up the town’ - Volunteers bring colour to Cork’s neglected streets

Joe O'Shea

There’s a grassroots movement growing across Ireland. Guerrilla Gardeners, urban renewal activists, artists and volunteers who want to make their streets a little better.

They are crews like ReImagine Cork, a loose collection of volunteers who took a look in the shabbier corners and laneways of Cork City centre and decided to make a difference.

They meet up every week to plant urban gardens, clean derelict sites and paint colourful murals which reflect the history, people and character of their old port town.

“It started out small, a few friends got together, started painting blank hoardings, planting a few boxes, the word went out on social media and people just started joining in,” says ReImagine Cork volunteer and local artist Alan Hurley.

“It’s grown now to where there’s a gang of us out every Saturday, year-round. It’s a fair few Cork people but mostly people from all over the world living in the city, it’s become a great way for people to connect and do something positive together.”

ReImagine Cork has inspired (or been inspired) by similar groups in Dublin, Waterford, Belfast and elsewhere around the country. 

Their mission is simple - to make their streets a little brighter and a little better. And to put a smile on the face of their streets.

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