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WATCH: Novice driver's dangerous manoeuvre almost causes major crash on Irish road

This is the moment a novice driver almost caused a major crash on a busy Irish road.

The video, captured on the dash camera of a lorry driver, shows the silver Volkswagen Polo pulling out in front of traffic on the road to Lisburn, Co Antrim.

One SUV that was pulling a trailer is forced to make a dramatic manoeuvre to avoid a potentially fatal crash.

In a post on Facebook MST Transport Ltd wrote: "The lorry driver isn't always at fault !!! Very lucky "R" plate driver."

A spokesman for the company said: 'It surprised me that no one was hurt.'

The video has already been viewed thousands of times online.

Responding to queries about where the SUV went after swerving to avoid the car the company said: "He went up the grass on the passenger side of the truck missed the Lampost and kept it going."

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