Tuesday 23 January 2018

WATCH: Mayo woman douses herself in fake blood to protest animal cruelty

Jacqueline Joyce from Tourmakeady, County Mayo at the protest in Spain. Picture: Peta
Jacqueline Joyce from Tourmakeady, County Mayo at the protest in Spain. Picture: Peta

By Tomas Heneghan

An Irish woman stripped almost naked and covered herself in blood to protest the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain.

Wearing little more than bull horns, 29-year-old Jacqueline Joyce from Tourmakeady, County Mayo joined a protest by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Spanish animal rights group AnimaNaturalis outside Pamplona’s main square in the Navarre region in Spain.

During the protest the Mayo native held signs reading: “Pamplona: Bloodbath for Bulls”, alongside the other gathered activists who also poured “gallons” of fake blood on themselves.

Joyce called on Spanish authorities to end the annual summer festival which sees bulls let loose on a sectioned off set of streets while spectators run in front of the animals.

The festival is held over a number of days from early to mid July and is followed by traditional Spanish bullfighting.

Ms Joyce explained: “We’re calling on Spain to end its widely condemned Running of the Bulls event and the bullfights that follow – and, with them, the horrific suffering and abuse of bulls.”

She added: “Torturing and killing animals can never be justified as entertainment.”

Global animal rights organisation PETA claims that it is typical for animals to be taunted and beaten during the bullfight.

The group claims: “[In] a typical bullfight, as many as eight men taunt, beat and stab a single bull with daggers and harpoon-like banderillas until he becomes weakened from blood loss.

“Then, the matador stabs the exhausted animal with a sword and an executioner cuts his spinal cord. Many bulls are paralysed but still conscious as they are chained and dragged out of the arena.”

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