Tuesday 12 December 2017

WATCH: Irish people debate who the worst drivers in Ireland are - do you agree?

Kathy Armstrong and Kyran O'Brien

Dubliners are the worst drivers in Ireland according to a new report, but not everyone agrees.

An AA Ireland survey of more than 7,000 people found that over half of respondents rated Dubs as the dodgiest drivers in the country.

Nearly 20% of people said motorists from Donegal are the worst behind the wheel, while Cork rounded up the top three, with just over 5% of the votes.

When we spoke to members of the public this morning some said that the title of Ireland's worst drivers was undeserved for Dubliners.

One woman explained: "As a Dublin driver I'd have to disagree, I'm sure my boyfriend wouldn't.

"I think there's bad driving and then there's bad roads."

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While another man we spoke to said that he thinks Galweigans are the poorest drivers in Ireland.
He said: "I tend to disagree, I've originally from the country and I've seen worse drivers, considering how busy the roads are you have to be alert but I don't think Dublin drivers are that bad.

"I would probably say that Galway drivers are the worst I've seen."

One Dublin woman we chatted to admitted she thinks they are the worst at driving but only because the roads in the capital are busier.

She said: "I am from Dublin and I drive and I'd probably have to agree, I've been places where I've seen terrible driving outside of Dublin so it's hard to say it's just Dublin people but I guess there's a lot of cars, a  lot of traffic in Dublin so maybe by statistics we're not good drivers."

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