Friday 20 April 2018

WATCH: Irish girls give us their best 'The Only Way is Essex' impressions in memory of tragic little Myla

Kirsten Elder

Two Belfast schoolgirls' video has gone viral with their impressions of The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) stars.

Cousins, Abbi and Ruby McCabe play ‘Essex’ and they had so far kept it a secret from everyone including school friends until they released their four-minute video recorded by Abbi’s Mum, Charlene.

 “They love TOWIE, although they probably shouldn’t be watching it, they like all the drama and everything to do with the girls make-up, clothes and beauty," said Charlene.

“They were just so funny and great at doing their accents. I got the phone out and recorded them.”

Nine-year-old Abbi takes on the role of Danielle Armstrong and eight-year-old Ruby plays Chloe Sims.

The pair have it down to a tee with their perfect Essex accents and their added drama about what happened in ‘Marbs’, Marbella where TOWIE video their summer specials.

Charlene posted the video on her Facebook page Myla Faith Trisomy 18,  in memory of her daughter Myla who died in 2013 of the condition Trisomy 18, also known as Edwards Syndrome.

Charlene said: “Every Tuesday I tell Myla what her crazy family have been doing all week, so this is why Abbi and Ruby’s video was posted onto to the Facebook page, and I suppose why so many people have watched it.

 “Trisomy 18 is a common but unheard off condition, it is the second most common syndrome after Down Syndrome. I want to keep Myla’s memory alive and also help other future Mum’s who go through a similar situation.

 ‘’Myself and a few other mothers want to change the terminology used when being told about Trisomy 18. When you get told your baby is ‘incompatible with life’, it is awful. I want it to be changed to ‘life limiting condition’. Myla had 1hour and 55minutes with us and to me this is life and I am blessed to have had the time with her,” she adds.

For more information please visit Charlene’s page.

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