Friday 20 April 2018

Watch: How my pal's wedding scoop became a global internet smash hit

ONLY IN DUBLIN: Newly-weds Eithne McAdam and hubby JP Swaine are treated to a sing-song from Amy Schumer and Glen Hansard in Grogan’s pub
ONLY IN DUBLIN: Newly-weds Eithne McAdam and hubby JP Swaine are treated to a sing-song from Amy Schumer and Glen Hansard in Grogan’s pub

Daniel Mcconnell

Sure, it could only happen in Dublin.

Two of your good pals nip into the nearest for a quick celebratory drink minutes after getting married - only to become stars of an internet sensation which has gone viral across the globe.

I am of course talking of the impromptu sing-song in Grogan's pub on Friday involving Frames singer and Oscar winner Glen Hansard, Hollywood comedian Amy Schumer and leading director Judd Apatow.

My pals - the beautiful bride Eithne McAdam and the dashing groom JP Swaine - got the wedding treat most can only dream of.

It all began as many of us in the wedding party dashed across the road from the Irish Georgian Society, where the wedding ceremony took place, into Grogan's for a quick scoop. Hansard, Apatow and Schumer were at a table by the wall and many of us were nudging each other.

More and more of the wedding party arrived in and the pub filled quickly in time for JP and Eithne, still beaming from their nuptials, to arrive in to warm applause.

JP, a real showman in his own right, clocked the famous party and immediately quipped: "Howaya, thanks for coming."

Pleasantries were exchanged and camera phones quickly came out to capture the moment as the newly weds mingled with the famous visitors.

Now, I had my guitar with me as I was playing at the wedding reception later that night, and amid the growing commotion, another friend Brian Lyons, who has a neck like a jockey's arse, said: "Get out the guitar and we'll get Glen to play."

"Ah no, leave it," I said, but undeterred Brian was already making the journey over and Hansard, in fairness to him, said yes.

So, out of the case came the guitar, thankfully in tune, and Hansard began his trademark party piece of the Auld Triangle.

With Schumer looking on dazzled at the sheer madness of it all, Hansard now with a sea of camera phones pointed in his direction, belted out the famous lines of "A hungry feeling, came o'er me stealing . . ."

And of course the crowd responded willingly during the chorus. Then he gestured to a couple of us to take up the third verse, which we did happily and then into the chorus again.

Schumer was then led by Hansard through a verse: "I wish bejasus, I could raise me wages, from 13 shillings to three pound 10."

I scrambled to get the guitar back safely as a few tweets were sent. Within minutes, phones were hopping like hotcakes and by the time we were at the wedding dinner, we had realised this was a global story. Vanity Fair, Entertainment Tonight, E! Online and many more international agencies reported the story, using footage and pictures taken by those present.

A truly magical moment for two magic people, which could only really ever happen in Dublin.

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