Tuesday 24 April 2018

Watch: Disturbing footage of young mistreated dog too terrified to look at Irish rescue worker

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

A heartbreaking video of a maltreated lurcher dog, too terrified to look a rescue worker in the face, has been released.

Angel, who is less than one year old, was taken in by PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland last Tuesday after receiving a call from the Carlow Kilkenny dog pound.

The disturbing footage shows the dog huddled into the corner of the room with her nose and face pushed to the wall.

Despite repeated attempts by the charity volunteer to coax the greyhound to run around, Angel appears to be too frightened to do so.

"We got a call from the pound's warden last week who was very worried about the dog's mental state," the volunteer group's founder Gina Hetherington told independent.ie.

"One of our volunteers collected her and transported her by car over to our place. When Angel got out of the car, she immediately ran behind the wheelie bins and hid."

Credit: PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland
Credit: PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland

Gina put a leash on the young dog and coaxed her out from behind the bin to look at herself and the volunteer.

"I needed to make her realise that it was over now. She wouldn't be treated badly anymore.

"She spent the first two days hiding in the corner [as seen in the video] and people messaged in saying that she could have 'pressing head syndrome'.

"But we've seen this thing before. She simply thought that if she has her head against the wall and she can't see you, then you can't see her."

Happily, the arrival of another male lurcher - believed to be Angel's brother - at the rescue home has lifted the young dog's spirits.

"She has brightened up so much in the last few days," Gina told independent.ie.

"When she sees us playing with this other lurcher, she will come out of her bed in the office and let you pet her too.

"She will still run back into her bed when someone actually enters the office but it's a really good start."

PAWS Ireland has a capacity of 70 dogs but is currently housing some 109 animals, 44 of which are lurchers like Angel.

The majority of these dogs - like Angel and her 'brother - have mange at the time of rescue.

To keep up the good work at PAWS, all and any donations are more than welcome - and can be made here.

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