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VIDEO: Man takes hammer to remove clamp from his car parked in Dublin

A man took a hammer to a clamp that was on his car, hitting it repeatedly until it came off his vehicle.

The car was clamped while parked on Bow Street close to Smithfield Square in Dublin's north inner city at approximately 2.45pm today.

The man spent some ten minutes beating the clamp with a hammer until it came away from his car, in a bid to avoid paying an €80 release fee.

"There was a loud banging which rang through out the street and drew quite a bit of attention from the many tourists going to the Jameson Distillery, local residents, businesses and local legal offices," one resident said.

"There appeared to be a man using what looked like a hammer to try and smash a clamp open. The banging continued for at least five to seven minutes until the chain on the clamp broke and onlookers gave a cheer.


"The occupants of the car scurried to get away while the man - who appeared to be doing all the physical work in breaking the clamp - placed the clamp against a wall, packed his tools and walked away."

A woman carrying a young child was then observed getting into the back seat of the vehicle before it was driven away.

Dublin Street Parking Services will have recorded the car's registration when putting the clamp on so will know who the motorist is.

The perpetrator could also be prosecuted for criminal damage.

Some 56,000 vehicles were clamped across Dublin City in 2014 – raking in almost €4.3 million in fees for Dublin City Council.

Ormond Quay Upper was named in Dublin City’s top five black spots when it came to clamping in 2014. Some 97pc of those in the area did not have a valid permit.

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