Sunday 25 February 2018

Up in the air: Here are the 10 questions Ryanair must answer

A Ryanair flight is seen at Stansted Airport, London. Photo: REUTERS
A Ryanair flight is seen at Stansted Airport, London. Photo: REUTERS
John Mulligan

John Mulligan

Ryanair bosses and shareholders will come head to head today as the airline holds its AGM in the midst of warnings of a multi-million compensation bill for cancelled flights.

The meeting takes place at the company's Dublin headquarters after it revealed it was shelving up to 50 flights everyday over the next six weeks.

The airline said the cancellations were brought about by the over-allocation of pilots' holidays during a relatively busy period.

And Ryanair faces a bill of up to €20 million for passengers left stranded and forced to re-book.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary Photo: Colin Keegan
Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary Photo: Colin Keegan

Here are the 10 questions that the airline needs to answer:


1. How can Ryanair be confident its rostering chaos will be sorted out within six weeks?

2. Is Ryanair now reliant on persuading pilots to give up 10 days’ leave in order to solve the problem?

3. What happens if,as appears likely, a large number of pilots refuse to work their holidays? Will that mean the flight debacle will become even worse? Should passengers brace for even more turmoil?

4. Does Ryanair intend to cancel all pilot leave if insufficient pilots agree to work on their time off?

5. Why didn’t Ryanair act sooner to address a problem it knew more than a year ago was likely to arise?

6. Does Ryanair intend to accede to pilot demands that the airline give them contracts based on the laws in the country in which they operate?

7. Will Ryanair offer pilots pay that’s benchmarked against that of rivals?

8. Did pilots approach Ryanair management at any time over the past year to raise concerns that the new rostering system being introduced could affect flight schedules?

9. What type of contingency plan does Ryanair have in the event that pilots stage any industrial action, such as a work-to-rule?

10. What will Ryanair do if pilots decide to walkout?

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