Sunday 22 April 2018

Unions reject Irish Rail proposal for DART services to run every 10 minutes

Dart services (stock)
Dart services (stock)
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Plans to introduce more frequent trains to the current Dart services have been rejected by the National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU).

Last month, Irish Rail announced that they would launch a public consultation process on overhauling the current timetable system, by introducing earlier and more frequent trains.

If approved, the plans would have meant trains would operate up to 40 minutes earlier and every 10 minutes on weekday mornings.

However, NBRU's General Secretary Dermot O’Leary said that “by issuing unworkable rosters" Irish Rail is "setting its face against the long standing principle of not acting unilaterally" while in a process with the Labour Court.

"What is ironic here is the fact that it was the Company [Irish Rail] which advanced the notion of a 10 minute Dart Service as a productivity measure in the first instance,” Mr O'Leary said in a statement tonight.

"We have previously advised the Company that it was being presumptuous by announcing that a 10 minute Dart service would commence in January 2016 without advance consultation," he added.

"It would now appear that Irish Rail have decided to embark on a collision course with drivers which will only serve to heighten tensions and runs the risk of reigniting the recent conflict which led to industrial action and trains not running for a number of hours.”

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