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Tunisia attack: Limited refunds for holidaymakers


Irish holidaymakers booked to fly to Tunisia in the coming weeks will not be offered a refund if they decide not to travel.

Tour operators are proceeding with their Tunisia programmes this Friday, July 3, despite the terrorist attack in Sousse.

However, tourists will have the option of a full refund if they do not want to travel. They can also change location but must pay any price differences.

The same offer will not apply to anybody book to fly on the next chartered flight which leaves Dublin on July 10.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has advised holidaymakers to "exercise extreme caution" in Tunisia, though it has not declared travel to be unsafe.

In the absence of a definite 'red flag', Sunway will proceed with its weekly flights from Dublin Airport.

The next charter will go ahead on Friday, July 3, it has confirmed.

Sunway has not revealed how many passengers are booked to travel on July 3, or the subsequent charter on July 10. Nor has it said whether any of these customers have cancelled, changed their travel arrangements, or requested a refund.

As it stands, the options for anybody booked to travel from July 10 onwards are to cancel at normal charges or to change destination, paying additional costs if the holiday is more expensive or being refunded the difference if it costs less.

Alternatively they can continue with their Tunisian trip as planned.

Similar options are being offered to customers and travel agents by tour operator Just Sunshine, which shares the Friday charter with Sunway - accounting for roughly 30 seats.

Both companies continue to liaise closely with the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Tunisian authorities and their reps on the ground.

Last Friday, 59 of 171 passengers opted not to travel on the 15.30 flight to Monastir after news of the terrorist attack broke. Sunway offered these passengers full refunds. A further 112 continued with their travel plans.

Sunway had packages bundling flights, transfers and seven nights' 2-star accommodation from €399pp departing July 10.

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