Wednesday 21 August 2019

Toy show proves even Santa needs to have deep pockets

Christopher Sharpe (6) from Stepaside, Dublin, on the Late Late Toy Show
Christopher Sharpe (6) from Stepaside, Dublin, on the Late Late Toy Show

Mark O'Regan

Sometimes Santa has to dig deep for Christmas gifts. The mountain of toys featured on Friday's 'Late, Late Toy Show' altogether would cost a whopping €20,000-plus.

Of course, there were the usual bargain-price favourites on offer - such as a standard doll's house for a modest €5.

But there were also some items on show which would test the pocket of many a parent.

A classic example was the Medium Rifton Trike - complete with all gadgetry - which costs a significant €1,500.

However, the vast majority of the toys on the show cost less than €50, with 208 of the 346 toys featured costing just €30 or less.

The Good Dinosaur merchandise, tested on the show by Christopher Sharpe, was all priced at around €20, as was Lara's My Little Pony collection.

Many of the Joe and Bobby's Star Wars items from the Disney store could also be had for under €30.

However, the nine most expensive items featured were all priced at more than €300.

They were mainly electronic products for older children - some of which would have been on the wishlists of their parents - ranging from the Xbox One console at €350 to the 50-inch 4K Ultra HD TV at €820.

The top end of the price list included the electric balance board with Bluetooth, which came in at €500.

And for those who can be indulged by a cash-rich Santa, the Meccano Tech Maker System Mecchanoid G15 KS personal robot can be bought for €430.

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