Wednesday 22 May 2019

'Time doesn't heal pain' - mother of tragic Elisha Gault (14) shares emotional message on six-month anniversary

  • 'We are ALL loved by someone, even if we haven't figured out how to love ourselves yet'
  • Mother of tragic teen shares emotional message on six-month anniversary of death
Elisha was a ‘genuine soul’, said mum Grainne
Elisha was a ‘genuine soul’, said mum Grainne
Rachel Farrell

Rachel Farrell

The mother of teen Elisha Gault who tragically took her own life in March this year has spoken about the "heartache and pain" since her death and encouraged those suffering with their mental health to seek help.

The 14-year-old Tipperary teen was found in the River Suir, eight days after she was reported missing in March 2018.

Her mother Grainne has been using her Facebook page to speak about mental health in memory of her daughter.

In an emotional tribute on her daughter's six-month anniversary, Grainne said that March 17 was the "worst day" of her life and thanked the "phenomenal" help the family received from the public during the eight days she was missing.

Elisha Gault's mum Grainne
Elisha Gault's mum Grainne

"To say time is a great healer, I beg to differ, time doesn't heal pain and grief. Six months ago Sat 17th March 10.09pm is officially the worst moment of my life, our life, we lost our Egg, my baby girl, it was in that moment, she gave up and couldn't take pain anymore," Grainne said on Facebook.

"It took us 8 of the longest, toughest days to get her back into our arms again.

"The amount of support, donations, search & rescue teams, media coverage that we had over those 8 days was phenomenal I genuinely don't think we could have coped without everybody who stepped forward to help us and ultimately recover Elisha and return her to us, so we could lay her finally to rest [sic]."

Ms Gault urged those that are "crippled in pain" to seek help and reach out to loved ones, describing the pain that death leaves behind as "tenfold".

"If you are smiling to the world, hiding how crippled in pain you are, afraid to show your inner self for fear of judgement, mockery or whatever reason, please know suicide is not the answer.

"In my heart, I know when Elisha took her final breath, she would have been thinking "Sh*t!!", death is final, there is no comeback nor second chances.

Loved to laugh: Elisha Gault
Loved to laugh: Elisha Gault

"What death leaves behind is your pain tenfold, even one hundred fold, handed over to those who love the bones of you, even if at times your mind tells you otherwise, you are loved, from your mother, father, sister, brother, child, best buddy even your coach, teacher - we are ALL loved by someone, even if we haven't figured out how to love ourselves yet."

She added that mental health services in Ireland are in their "infancy" and that alternative approaches to mental health need to be examined, but encouraged people to reach out to Pieta House or their local doctor.

The heartbroken mother described the future her teenager daughter could have had and that she will carry the pain of losing her until her last days.

"Don't suffer in silence, don't live wrestling with your mind alone, reach out, to a GP, Pieta House, somebody and express your thoughts so you can be guided on how to handle them, how to assess your environment to remove as many triggers as possible, step forward and do whatever it takes to regain the control you feel you are losing.

"You are worth the fight.

"Six months ago we lost you Elisha, we miss you so much, you had so much potential for a wonderful future and my hearts aches with your absence but I'll carry this pain to my dying day because pain as great as this is only a reflection of how much and deeply you were loved in life, whether you seen it or not."

Last month, Ms Gault announced that she would be taking part in a skydive with dozens of her daughter's friends to raise awareness for mental health services.

On her official Facebook page, Ms Gault said: “On Sunday, October 21, myself and a fantastic group of Elisha’s friends and other amazing local lads are going to jump 10,000 feet from a plane.

“It is to raise funds for an organisation that travels the country offering free services to school kids, teaching them how to cope better with their own mental health, which is Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland."

Donations can be made to the skydive event here:

  • If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article please contact Samaritans helpline 116 123 or Aware helpline 1800 80 48 48 or Pieta House on 1800 247 247.

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