Monday 24 June 2019

Thug threatened to rape officer's wife and children

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Gardaí are calling for frontline members to be issued with miniature cameras after a shocking video emerged showing the sinister threats officers receive on a daily basis.

The video, played at the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors conference, shows a man issuing threats to gardaí in a patrol car.

"I'm going to kick him in the back of the head… you dirty tramp of a garda," the thug said in a rage after being arrested.

He then threatened the garda that he would find his wife and children and brutally rape them.

Garda supervisors say officers are faced with this level of violence every day and have called for the cameras to be introduced to boost protection.

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In a seperate incident, a pregnant garda was threatened by a criminal that she would be raped and killed. Since the incident, the garda, who is based in Dublin, is living in a state of fear and instructions have been given that she is to be notified when the thug who made the threat is released from prison.

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The threat was one of several highlighted yesterday at the conference, where almost all of the delegates indicated that they had either been assaulted or threatened while on duty.

Donegal delegate Paul Wallace told how he had been knocked to the ground while trying to restrain a prisoner in Letterkenny and sustained two ruptured discs in his back. This left him immobile for six months and he is still making visits to a Dublin hospital.

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