Sunday 21 July 2019

Think spring has finally sprung? Not until March, says Met Eireann

Seasons dictated by average monthly temperatures
Seasons dictated by average monthly temperatures Newdesk

For those of you who may have thought spring had finally arrived this morning, you would be wrong.

Or at least according to Met Eireann who say, not only it is not getting much milder, but spring also won't arrive until next month.

"We're used to obeying the seasons as dictated by the Irish calendar but that's not the case," forecaster Joanna Donnelly told

"Meteorologically speaking, seasons are dictated by the average temperatures of that month so spring is actually in March."

And it may be the high pressure currently over Ireland that is fooling us into thinking the weather is getting that little bit warmer.

"Ireland has been a lot drier with perhaps just a few patches of drizzle now and then," according to Ms Donnelly.

Cloudy misty starts with the odd break of sunshine during the day will be the weather form for the majority of the week, according to the forecaster.

"There is nothing unusually mild about the current weather at all. We are experiencing between 5 and 8 degrees at the moment which is the norm for this time of time," she said.

However, the wintry sunshine is set to come to an end towards the end of the week as a weather front coming in from over the Atlantic is set to bring cooler temperatures and wetter weather.

"By Thursday and Friday, we can expect heavier rain that might give way to frost and icy patches at night," said Ms Donnelly.

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