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'Think about it Barbara!!!' - Could this be the most random roadside warning?


Motorists travelling along a busy road in Co Offaly were greeted by quite an unusual warning sign on Friday.

Featuring a drawing of a U-turn, the sign appears to encourage a local bride to reconsider her upcoming nuptials.

The 'Think about it, Barbara!!!' roadside post was spotted by locals yesterday at Killeigh in Tullamore

It is understood that the ‘Barbara’ being advised is Barbara Berry, who paid no heed as she went ahead with her wedding to Mick Holland.   

Ann-Marie Kelly took a photo of the sign and posted the tongue-in-cheek warning on Facebook. 

“Initially when I saw the sign, I thought that he proposed and she had said no,” she told Independent.ie. 

“There’s not many houses along the road but it’s a busy road so a lot of the locals and guests travelling up from the west would have seen it,” she said. 

The photo was reposted by Midlands 103 radio station, garnering a large response from locals who knew the happy couple.

According to Ms Kelly, the couple were aware of the sign, believed to have been created by a bridesmaid, before it was put up.

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