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'There's a couple of hurricanes building and we're keeping an eye on them' - Met Éireann forecaster



Peak hurricane season is upon us

Peak hurricane season is upon us

Peak hurricane season is upon us

Met Éireann has advised that Ireland will not feel any impact from Hurricane Florence - but the national forecaster is keeping an eye on two other hurricanes in the south Atlantic.

Hurricane Isaac and Hurricane Helene are currently following Florence, which is expected to make landfall in North and South Carolina at the end of this week.

This time of year is peak hurricane season and Met Éireann forecaster Pat Clarke says they are keeping an eye on the path of Isaac and Helene.


"There's no sign of Florence heading anywhere near us. It is more or less expected to hang around North America. There's more than one hurricane building in the Atlantic at the moment and we're keeping an eye on those," he said.

"There's nothing due between now and Sunday. Isaac and Helene are thousands of kilometres away but they'll move eventually and we're watching them. It's something we monitor on a regular basis at this time of year.

"We get the tail end every now and then, like we did with Ophelia last year. There's nothing to worry about at the moment.

"There was reports about Florence hitting us but that story proved totally unfounded."

Hurricane Florence has strengthened into a potentially catastrophic Category 4 storm as it closes in on North and South Carolina, carrying wind and water that could wreak havoc over a wide stretch of the eastern US coast.


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South Carolina's governor ordered the state's entire coastline to be evacuated starting at noon on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, this week's weather looks set to be "unsettled" and "changeable".

"Over the weekend a lot more rain is expected so we've to keep a watch on that. It's not unexpected at this time of year. Temperatures are looking at low to mid teens. There will be spells of heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday."

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