Monday 26 August 2019

Survey finds more people are now blaming Siptu for long-running Luas dispute

Walking the LUAS Line near Charlemont St
Walking the LUAS Line near Charlemont St
Luke Byrne

Luke Byrne

More people are now blaming trade union Siptu for the dispute between Luas drivers and the tram company operator Transdev.

A survey found 28pc of people think Siptu and Luas drivers are equally at fault in the pay dispute.

This figure is up from 24pc in February.

Only 10pc of very frequent Luas users thought the Luas drivers were entirely at fault, a significant fall from 31pc in February.

Meanwhile, 10pc of frequent users attribute blame to Luas/Transdev management, down from 20pc just over two months ago.

The results were part of an iReach Insights survey.

It conducted a representative review of 1,000 adults about their views on the Luas strike and the problems it may cause.

iReach undertook the survey twice in two months to determine if people's sentiments had changed.

In total, 22pc of Dubliners said they used the Luas service on a monthly basis, while 9pc of them use it weekly.

The percentage of people surveyed who answered "don't know" and "don't care" about whose fault the dispute was decreased from 17pc in February to 15pc in May.

According to iReach, this probably signalled that Irish people were getting annoyed by the topic.

Luas drivers have amended the times of their additional strikes scheduled for June in order to avoid potential disruption to students doing the Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations.

They notified Transdev that the strikes June 8, 9 and 10 - the first three days of the State examination timetable - will take place between 6pm and 10pm.

Managing director of Transdev Gerry Madden said he was pleased about that decision. "It's great for those people who are all ready stressed enough about exams. It's one thing less to worry about," he said.


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