Friday 27 April 2018

State takes property tax from 46,000 non-payers

The State has taken property tax from non-payers
The State has taken property tax from non-payers
Charlie Weston

Charlie Weston

THOUSANDS of homeowners who refused to pay their property tax have had the money forcibly taken out of their wages and pensions.

New figures show that 46,000 homeowners who failed to pay the property tax this year have had the amount due taken out of their wages and pensions and paid over to Revenue.

These "mandatory deductions" were made after Revenue contacted employers and pension fund administrators and told them to take out regular amounts to cover the property tax and pay it to the tax authority before any wages or pensions were paid.

And 40,000 homeowners who failed to pay the property tax last year had the amount due taken out of their wages and pensions in installments.

Issuing an update on the tax, Revenue said 61,000 homeowners who failed to pay the 2012 household charge have now had the €100 due taken from their wages or pension payments.

A spokeswoman for Revenue said all of those who are having the controversial property tax taken out of their wages were sent letters and compliance notices warning them of what was going to happen.

These people also had a six-week period to make arrangements with Revenue to pay the tax before their employers were told to make mandatory deductions.

Where no property tax return was filed, Revenue relied on its estimate of the property value when working out the tax owed.

Along with large numbers of PAYE workers falling foul of Revenue there have been 12,200 self-employed people sur- charged for failing to pay the tax.

Unpaid property tax owed by the self-employed is set to be collected by county sheriffs or solicitors, Revenue said.

These people will also have to pay the sheriff's costs.

The failure to pay property tax resulted in 9,600 self-employed people and companies being refused a tax clearance certificate, Revenue said.


Some 250,000 compliance letters, where Revenue warned householders about failing to pay the tax, have been issued to homeowners over this year and last year's property tax.

A total of 7,300 owners, most of whom only have an income from social welfare payments, have been given a deferral for the household charge.

However, Revenue said that 94pc of homeowners have paid this year's tax.

A total of €310m was collected in property tax and €10.5m for the household charge up to June this year.

This was ahead of target, Revenue said.

The State is hoping to collect €500m from the property tax by the end of the year.

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