Thursday 23 January 2020

'Sorrow does not change the great love held for you' - Woman's heartbreaking letter to her deceased baby grandson

The letter I wish I'd sent
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A heartbroken grandmother has written a touching letter to her deceased baby grandson, saying: "Sorrow does not change the great love held for you, it makes it stronger."

The woman has candidly opened up about how her family's excitement quickly turned to grief when the little boy died just hours after he was born.

She has said that she will be "forever grateful" for the precious time they had with him.

The woman, who has not been named, wrote the  the letter to the Sunday Independent series 'The Letter I Wish I'd Sent.'

The full letter reads:

Dear Little Angel Grandson,

I was so excited the day you were born. Your arrival began the sixth generation of your paternal grandad's family name. He was so proud of this and eagerly awaited meeting you.

I myself couldn't wait to see your sweet little face and to hold you. I was delighted to be a nannie again. I already had three grandchildren. Two beautiful granddaughters and a handsome grandson. They, too, were excited.

However, soon after you were born you had difficulty breathing and you were sent to Crumlin Children's Hospital. Your very worried mam and dad went with you.

The specialist said you had a rare heart condition and would need surgery. It was an anxious time for two young parents. I prayed for them and the doctors and nurses looking after you.

Your mam and dad awaited news of your surgery. Their immense joy had turned to worry and anxiety. You were their precious baby boy, only hours old.

Later, on the evening of your surgery, I will never forget the words of your heartbroken dad: "He's gone mam, he was too small to make it through the operation."

I cried tears of absolute grief and sorrow. I asked how could this happen. Great joy had turned to greater sadness.

Your mam and dad were completely heartbroken to lose you. You were with them for such a short time.

They were given a small room at the hospital to spend time with you, their beautiful little baby boy.

It was so hard to tell your grandad and family the sad news. Your grandad and I, plus other family members, went to Dublin to be with your mam and dad. They were inconsolable.

We held you and tried to comfort your loving parents.

You had been baptised prior to surgery. A prayer ceremony of your little short life was held with your family present. It was beautiful but sad.

You were brought home and your extended family spent time with you.

With your mam and dad's permission, I gently placed you in your little white coffin. I put a teddy that your big sister had given you beside you.

Time has passed but you are always in my thoughts. I will be forever grateful for the little time we had.

You helped a very precious and special aged mother to finally grieve the sad loss of her two babies almost 50 years earlier.

Sleep softly, my precious little grandson. You are loved in death as in life. Sorrow does not change the great love held for you, it makes it stronger still.

Your loving Nannie

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