Sunday 17 December 2017

Shock at theft of toys from children's hospital

Photo: PA
Photo: PA
The founder of the Jack and Jill Foundation, Jonathan Irwin
Adam Cullen

Adam Cullen

A children's charity has branded a number thefts from Crumlin Children's Hospital as "truly shameful".

Jack and Jill Foundation CEO Jonathan Irwin has described the practice as "shocking" and said it was the most "horrendous thing he had ever heard" after a concerned member of the public raised the issue on a national radio station.

The man, who only wished to be identified as Phillip from Donegal, said something needs to be done about the situation.

In an emotional letter to Today FM's Anton Savage Show, Paul revealed his disgust at the levels of "rampant thievery" from the hospital.

"Today, I went to visit my young niece, 18-years-old, who has been in intensive care for the past few weeks," he wrote.

"Thankfully, she's been moved to a ward this evening and is improving.

"This led me to encounter some of the staff on the ward and hear some of their stories about the rampant thieving of hospital property by locals and families of patients.

"They've told me that TVs have been stolen, the TV remotes, toys, electronic games even though some of these items have been tied, locked and screwed down.

"They have a coffee room for families which they usually keep stocked with milk, tea and coffee. Today, they had a sign on one of the cupboards, apologising for the lack of tea and coffee as someone had stolen the jars," he continued.


"One nurse explained that they had caught the parents of a sick child who had been discharged, leaving with one of the playstations that had been secured with a security wire," he added.

Philip, who is a small business owner in his mid-fifties, said he thought he had seen the "worst of humanity" up until this week, adding the ordeal had left him genuinely upset.

"My stomach is in knots thinking that there is such an element to our society" he said.

The kind-hearted businessman donated 21-brand new televisions to St Mark's Ward as a gesture. Crumlin's Children's Hospital refused to comment on the thefts but thanked Philip for his generous donation.

Mr Irwin said the issue raised further concerns over the placement of the new Childrens Hospital in one of Dublin's most deprived areas.

"Security is one of the reasons I am bitterly opposed to putting the Children's Hospital into St James Campus," he said, raising concerns for parents and staff who can not park on campus.

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